Comfort and control with the Volvo On Call app

Volvo On Call users have direct contact with their vehicle via the Volvo On Call app1.

These functions can provide information such as if a light bulb needs to be changed or if coolant needs to be filled. You can lock and unlock the vehicle, check the fuel level and find your nearest service station. Preconditioning can also be set and started via the vehicle's parking climate or the Engine Remote Start (ERS2) function.

The Volvo On Call app is continuously updated. See for current information on available functions for specific vehicle models.

The Volvo On Call app is available for iOS and Android. Download it free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  1. 1 Both the vehicle and the mobile device must have cellular coverage or another Internet connection.
  2. 2 Engine Remote Start is available on certain markets and models.