Getting started with Volvo On Call

This article describes what is required to get started with Volvo On Call.


The owner should download the free Volvo On Call app and test it in demo mode before picking up the vehicle from the retailer. This gives the driver the chance to explore most of the functions and learn how the app is used.

Activating Volvo On Call

When the vehicle is picked up, the retailer will activate the Volvo On Call system and the owner will receive an automatically generated PIN code for Volvo On Call. The PIN code is used for security reasons to identify the owner (or another authorized person such as a family member) and works as a vehicle key.

Volvo On Call subscription

For the functions to work, the vehicle must have an active Volvo On Call subscription.

A free subscription is initiated when the vehicle is purchased and the system is activated. This subscription is valid for a limited time, but can be extended. Contact your Volvo retailer for more information.


Automatic Crash Notification and the SOS button function even without a subscription.

Volvo ID and connecting the Volvo On Call app to the vehicle

A Volvo ID is required to use Volvo On Call. After creating a Volvo ID, the Volvo On Call app must be linked to the vehicle.


To use the services in the Volvo On Call app, the vehicle must have a valid Volvo On Call subscription and the app must be connected to the vehicle.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle with Volvo On Call

If you have purchased a pre-owned vehicle with Volvo On Call, it is important to delete the data from the previous owner and add you own details for the service to work. Visit a Volvo retailer for assistance.