Map updating

MapCare is a free map update service for Volvo vehicles equipped with Sensus Navigation*.

General update information

Map updates can be done 2-12 times per year (depending on market).

There are two ways to update maps. Either via a computer and USB flash drive or directly from the vehicle1 (if the vehicle has an Internet connection).

The vehicle's map is divided into a number of fixed regions. When updating map data, the driver does not need to update all of these regions, but can instead choose to update only one or more specific regions.

One or more regions can be updated when the vehicle has an Internet connection. However, updating a large number of regions or the entire map requires a significant amount of data, and it may be advisable to use a computer and USB flash drive instead.


If an itinerary includes more than one region, all regions should have the same version number to enable the system to calculate the best route to the destination.

Updating the map structure

Changing the map structure may sometimes be necessary, e.g., if a region is added or if a large region is divided into smaller ones. If this is the case, normal updates of individual regions may not be possible and a message will be displayed explaining what has happened.

In this situation, the entire map must be reinstalled from a USB flash drive. For additional information, search for support information on or contact a Volvo retailer.

Updating navigation system software

In addition to maps, the navigation system's own software is under constant development and needs to be updated occasionally. This could mean that a recently downloaded map is not supported by the current navigation system software. In such cases, a message will be displayed indicating that the navigation system software must be updated. Consult a Volvo retailer for assistance with the update. Your Volvo retailer can also assist with the map update itself. Please note that although the map update is free, the time required in the workshop to complete the update may incur costs.


Can the map data platform be changed from e.g. Europe to North America?Yes, with some exceptions. Contact a Volvo retailer for up-to-date information.
How long do map updates take?This depends on the size of the file(s) and the speed of the Internet connection. Information about the size of the update (in MB) will be displayed on the screen.
How big is an update?This varies from market to market. Detailed information is provided in the map for each market under support information at
The update is not working. What should I do?Search for more support information at or contract a Volvo retailer.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Only available in certain countries.