Driving with the Start/Stop function

Start/stop is a function that temporarily turns off the engine when the vehicle is stationary and then automatically starts it when needed.

The Start/Stop function is available when the ignition is started and can be activated if certain conditions are met.

The instrument panel indicates when the function is
  • Available
  • active
  • not available.

All of the vehicle's ordinary systems, such as lighting, radio, etc. function normally when the engine has been auto-stopped. Certain functions may be temporarily reduced however such as the climate system's blower speed or extremely high audio system volume.


To auto-stop the engine:

  • Stop the vehicle by applying the brakes and keep the brake pedal depressed. The engine will auto-stop.

In Comfort or Eco drive mode, the engine may auto-stop before the vehicle has completely stopped.

With Adaptive Cruise Control or Pilot Assist activated, the engine will auto-stop about three seconds after the vehicle has stopped.


The following conditions must be met for the engine to auto-start.

  • Release the brake pedal. The engine will auto-start and the vehicle can be driven. On an uphill gradient, Hill Start Assist (HSA1) will activate to help prevent the vehicle from rolling backward.
  • When the Auto-hold function is activated, auto-start will be delayed until the accelerator is pressed.
  • When Adaptive Cruise Control or Pilot Assist are activated, the engine will auto-start when the accelerator pedal is depressed or the P5-1507-Cruise control, speed limiter, activates speed limiter from standby mode symbol 5x3,5 button on the left-side steering wheel keypad is pressed.
  • Maintain pressure on the brake pedal and press the accelerator pedal. The engine will auto-start.
  • On a downhill gradient: Release the brake pedal slightly so that the vehicle begins to roll. The engine will auto-start after a slight increase in speed.

Symbols in the instrument panel

P5-1507 Symbol Stop/Start inactive White – Displayed in the tachometer when the function is available.

P5/P6-1917-Start/Stop Symbol, active Green – Shown in the tachometer when the function is active and the engine is auto-stopped.

P5-1507 Symbol Stop/Start not available Gray – When the symbol is grayed-out with a line through it, the function is not available.

If no symbol is shown, the function is switched off.

P5P6-1924-Start Stop A in circle symbol in gauge
The function is active and the engine has auto-stopped.
  1. 1 Hill Start Assist