Google Local Search

Using the Google Local Search1 app, you can search for restaurants, hotels and gas stations and a lot more along your route directly in your Volvo's center display.

Functions in Google Local Search

Google Local Search is a free service. You do not need to register for access to the online database. However, you need an Internet connection to be able to use the service2.

Using the Google Local Search app you can, among other things, search for locations, restaurants, hotels and other businesses along the route and in the vicinity of your destination.

In Google Local Search you can see information on different search results such as addresses, distances, opening times and telephone numbers. The app includes the option to call a business directly from the vehicle, and you can get directions to a destination by sending an address to Sensus Navigation.

In Google Local Search you can read, and in some cases listen to, reviews and see user ratings for, among other things, restaurants and hotels. You can also browse through and look at images linked to search results and you have access to photographs from Google Street View which can make it easier to find your way to a desired location or business.


The keyboard for searching in Google Local Search is locked while driving and reviews are limited to three rows.

Tips when using Google Local Search

If you experience problems with Google Local Search, check that you have a working internet connection and good signal strength.

  1. 1 Availability varies depending on market.
  2. 2 There may be a charge for transmitting data over the Internet, depending on your service plan.