Emergency assistance with Volvo On Call

In the event of an emergency, press the SOS button to contact the Volvo On Call customer service center or an emergency service center.

Volvo On Call Customer service center

To call for help in case of illness or an external threat to the vehicle or passengers, the Volvo On Call service center can be alerted manually by pressing and holding the SOS button for at least 2 seconds. The Volvo On Call service center is notified, determines the vehicle's position, and tries to establish verbal contract with the driver to find out what type of help is needed.

If voice contact cannot be established, the Volvo On Call customer service center will contact the required emergency service (police, ambulance, tow truck, etc.).

Emergency number

When the collision alarm has been activated, the system will attempt to establish contact with the country's Volvo On Call customer service center. If this is not possible, the call will go directly to the emergency phone number for the country/region in which the vehicle is currently located.

The ON CALL and SOS buttons can be deactivated when the vehicle's ignition is in mode I, II or if the engine is running:

Tap Settings.
Tap CommunicationVolvo On Call.
Select SOS/On Call button lock to deactivate.