Using high beam

High beam is operated via the left-hand steering wheel lever. High beam is the vehicle's strongest lighting and should be used when driving in dark conditions, provided it does not blind other road users, to improve visibility.
All-19w17 Stalk with turning ring, high beam toggling
Steering wheel lever with lighting ring.

High beam flash

P5-Icon red arrow 1Move the steering wheel lever slightly backward to the high beam flash mode. The high beams will illuminate until the lever is released.

High beams

P5-Icon red arrow 2The high beams can be activated when the lighting ring is in mode P5-1707 Symbol AUTO1 or P5-1507 Symbol low beam. Activate high beams by moving the steering wheel lever forward.
P5-Icon red arrow 3Deactivate by moving the steering wheel lever backward.

When the high beams are activated, the P5-1507 Symbol high beam symbol will be illuminated in the instrument panel.

  1. 1 When the low beams are on.