SiriusXM Travel Link®* - Sports

This SiriusXM Travel Link service provides information about sporting events, tournaments, teams, leagues, etc.
From the SiriusXM Travel Link home screen, to display sports information:
Tap the Sports button to display the main sports screen.

A number of sports categories will be listed (Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc.)

Tap a sport to select a league in that sport (NFL, MLB, etc.) or a sport organization (PGA, LPGA, etc.).

The following is an example of the result of tapping Baseball:
MLB (Major League Baseball) will be displayed.
Tap MLB to display the two leagues in Major League Baseball (American League or National League).
Tap one of the league names to display the divisions in the league.

Tap one of the divisions to display:

  • In progress: play-by-play information about a match/game/tournament currently in progress. Continue tapping to display. In the detailed view, you can also select a radio station that is currently broadcasting an ongoing sporting event
  • Headlines for MLB: tap to display brief headline information
  • Scheduled: schedules for coming matches, games, etc.
  • Scores: match/game results

The same principle applies to all sports.

  1. * Option/accessory.