Radio settings

There are a number of different radio functions that can be activated and deactivated.

Canceling a traffic message

A current broadcast (e.g. a traffic message) can be temporarily interrupted by pressing P5–1507–Symbol-OK button in the right-side steering wheel keypad or tapping Cancel in the center display.

Activating and deactivating radio functions

Pull down Top view and select SettingsMedia and the desired waveband to see available functions.

AM/FM Radio1

  • HD Radio AM: HD Radio™ Technology: makes it possible for AM audio to achieve an audio quality comparable to analog FM.
  • HD Radio FM: HD Radio™ Technology: makes it possible to achieve a sound quality comparable with a CD.
  • Show Broadcast Information: shows information on program content, artists, etc.
  • Freeze Program Name: select to stop the program service name from scrolling continuously. Instead it freezes after 20 seconds.

SiriusXM® Satellite radio*

Pull down Top view and select SettingsMediaSiriusXM to show a list of available options.

  1. 1 AM radio availability varies depending on model and/or market.
  2. * Option/accessory.