Safety mode

Safety mode is a feature that is triggered after a collision if there is potential damage to an important function in the vehicle, such as the fuel lines, sensors for one of the safety systems, the brake system, etc.

If the vehicle has been involved in a collision, the text Safety mode See Owner's manual may appear in the instrument panel along with the warning symbol if the panel is undamaged and the vehicle's electrical system is intact. The message indicates that one or more of the vehicle's functions may be reduced.


Never attempt to restart the vehicle if you smell fuel fumes when the message Safety mode See Owner's manual is displayed in the instrument panel. Leave the vehicle immediately.

If safety mode has been set, it may be possible to reset the system in order to start and move the vehicle a short distance, for example, if it is blocking traffic.


Never attempt to perform repairs or reset electrical components on your own after the vehicle has been in safety mode. This could result in injury or prevent the vehicle from functioning properly. Volvo recommends having the vehicle inspected and reset to normal operating status by an authorized Volvo workshop after Safety mode See Owner's manual has been displayed.


When the vehicle is in safety mode, it should not be towed behind another vehicle. It should be towed from the site on a tow truck. Volvo recommends towing the vehicle directly to an authorized Volvo workshop.