Help during a trip with Volvo On Call

If you e.g. get a flat tire, run out of gas or have a dead battery, you can summon assistance using the ON CALL button or the Volvo On Call app.

Hold the ON CALL button in the ceiling depressed for at least 2 seconds to establish voice contact with the Volvo On Call customer service center. They will consult with you to determine what type of assistance is needed.

You can also call the Volvo On Call customer service center, but the vehicle must be connected to the Internet for the operator to be able to determine its status and location.


The SOS button should only be used in case of accident, illness or if there is an external threat to the vehicle and its passengers. The SOS function is only intended for emergency situations. Misuse could incur extra charges.

The Volvo On Call app and ON CALL button can be used for all other services, including roadside assistance.

The ON CALL and SOS buttons can be deactivated when the vehicle's ignition is in mode I, II or if the engine is running:

Tap Settings.
Tap CommunicationVolvo On Call.
Select SOS/On Call button lock to deactivate.