Manual front seats

The front seats can be adjusted in a number of different ways to help enhance your seating comfort.
P6-1817-CMA-XC40-Manual front seat
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Move the seat forward/backing by lifting the handle and moving the seat to a suitable distance from the steering wheel and pedals. Check to make sure the seat is securely locked into place after its setting has been changed.
  2. P5-Icon red circle 2Change the length of the seat cushion* by pulling up the lever and moving the cushion forward/backward.
  3. P5-Icon red circle 3Raise/lower the front edge of the seat cushion* by pumping up/down1.
  4. P5-Icon red circle 4Adjust lumbar support* by pressing the button up/down/forward/rearward.
  5. P5-Icon red circle 5Raise/lower the seat by moving the lever up/down.
  6. P5-Icon red circle 6Change the backrest tilt by turning the knob on the backrest.
P6-1746-CMA-Heightadjust front seat headrest
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1The head restraint can be adjusted up or down by pressing the button and manually moving the head restraint to the desired position.


  • Do not adjust the seat while driving. The seat should be adjusted so that the brake pedal can be depressed fully. In addition, position the seat as far rearward as comfort and control allow.
  • Check that the seat is securely locked into position after adjusting.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Only applies to the driver's seat.