Connecting the vehicle to the Internet via a phone (Wi-Fi)

Establish an Internet connection using Wi-Fi through Internet sharing (tethering) from a phone and get access to the connected services in your vehicle.
Make sure that the phone supports Internet sharing (tethering) and that the function is activated. In an iPhone, the function is called "personal hotspot". In Android phones, the function can have different names, but is often called "hotspot". For iPhone phones, the "personal hotspot" menu page must also be open until the Internet connection has been made.
Tap Settings in the Top view.
Proceed to CommunicationWi-Fi.
Activate/deactivate by tapping to check/uncheck the Wi-Fi box.
If a different connection is being used, confirm the connection change.
Tap the name of the network you would like to connect.
Enter the network password.
The vehicle will connect to the network.

Please note that certain cellular phones will disable Internet sharing (tethering) when the connection to the vehicle has been broken, e.g. when the phone has been removed from the vehicle. The phone's tethering function will then need to be reactivated the next time the phone's hotspot is used to connect to the Internet.

When a phone is connected to the vehicle, it will be saved for future use. To display a list of saved networks or to manually delete saved networks, tap SettingsCommunicationWi-FiSaved networks.


The cellular phone and network operator must support tethering (sharing of Internet connection) and the subscription must include data traffic.
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Technical and security requirements for Wi-Fi connection are described in a separate section.