Cleaning floor mats and inlay mats

Use cleaning agents and car care products recommended by Volvo. Clean regularly and treat stains immediately. It is important to vacuum before using a cleaning agent.
Remove the inlay mats to clean the floor mats and inlay mats separately. Each inlay mat is secured into place with pins.
Remove the inlay mat by grasping the inlay mat at each pin and lifting the mat straight up.
Use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt.


Do not swing or strike the inlay mats violently against another object to remove dirt as this could damage the mats.
After vacuuming, a specially designed textile cleaning agent should be used to remove stains on floor mats. Use cleaning agents recommended by Volvo.
After cleaning, put the inlay mat back into place by pressing it in at each pin.


  • Never use more than one inlay mat at a time on the driver's floor. If any other type of floor mat is used, remove the original mat from the driver's seat floor before driving. All types of mats must be securely anchored in the attachment points in the floor. Make sure the floor mat does not impede the movement of the brake pedal or accelerator pedal in any way, as this could be a serious safety hazard.
  • Volvo's floor mats are specially manufactured for your vehicle. They must be properly secured in the attachment points in the floor to help ensure they cannot slide and become trapped under the pedals.