Selecting a detour in the navigation system*

Select a detour to avoid the next section of the route, e.g. if the road is closed.
Expand the left-side toolbar using the down arrow and then the three dots.
P5-1717-Navigation, detour symbol

Tap the Detour symbol to display an alternate route with information on the new distance and estimated travel time. Normally, only short detours are suggested to take you quickly back to your original itinerary.

To accept the suggested detour: Tap the sign with the detour information. The route is also accepted if you begin driving the suggested route. Once the suggestion has been accepted, guidance will resume using the detour as the new route. If you do not accept the suggestion, continue driving the original route.

Instead of choosing Detour, you can instead select another route and leave your itinerary's current route. The system will update the route automatically and continue guidance to your destination along the most suitable route.

It is also possible to display an alternative route while driving.

  1. * Option/accessory.