Changing waveband and radio station

Instructions for changing wavebands, waveband lists and radio stations in the selected list are provided here.

Changing wavebands

Swipe from App view on the center display and select the desired waveband (e.g. FM) or open the App menu in the instrument panel with the right-side steering wheel keypad and make your selection there.

Changing a list in a waveband

P5-1717-Radio library stations
Tap Library.
Select playback from Stations, Favorites or Genres.
Tap the desired station in the list.

Favorites – only plays selected favorite channels.

Genres - only plays channels broadcasting the selected genre or program type, e.g. pop, classical, etc.

Changing radio stations in a selected list

Press P5-1717-Rewind symbol or P5-1717-Fast forward symbol under the center display or on the right-side steering wheel keypad.
Move step-by-step through the selected list.

It is also possible to change radio station in the selected list via the center display.