Settings for SiriusXM® Satellite radio*

There are numerous settings that can be made to enhance your SiriusXM® Satellite radio listening experience.


Drag down the top view and tap on SettingsMediaSiriusXM. The following alternatives will be displayed:

P5-1717-USA-Sirius settings

Traffic Jump

Tap to display a list of cities from which you can choose to get traffic/weather information (or Traffic jump off to deactivate the feature). Tap to select a city (JUMP will be displayed on the Home screen next to Library). Tap Back to return to the list of settings or Close to return to the Home screen.

From the Home screen, tap JUMP to activate the function. When traffic/weather information is available from the selected city, the radio will automatically tune to the channel providing the information. When the information/announcement is finished, the radio will automatically return to the channel that you were previously listening to.

During an announcement, tap JUMP to interrupt the message and return to the station that you were currently listening to.

Alert Notifications

Tap the box to activate/deactivate. When activated, you will be notified if a song, artist, etc. that you have selected is playing. You will be asked if you want to listen.

Alert Notifications Sound

Opt to receive an audible alert when one of your selected choices is being played.

Sort Channels

Select how to sort your channels list.

iTunes Tagging

Tap to display a menu with the options: iTunes Tagging and Tags List. With this feature activated, songs can be tagged for later purchase from the iTunes store.

Game Alerts

Tap to display a list of sports.

Tap a sport to display a list of teams and tap a box on the right side of the screen to select a team as a favorite. An alert will then be provided when information about the team is being broadcast.

Tap Confirm below the list to return to the list of sports.

Tap Back to return to the list of settings or Close to return to the main screen.

Unsubscribed Services

If you have a SiriusXM® Satellite radio subscription, any channels not included in the subscription will be listed here. Call SiriusXM™ to subscribe. The phone number will be shown on the screen. If a cell phone is paired and connected to the vehicle, tap the phone number to make the call.

Skipped Stations

Tap to display a list of channels that you would like to skip (hide). Hide channels from the channel list by tapping the boxes to the right of the screen. Skipped (hidden) channels will not be shown in the channel list. However, a channel previously selected as a favorite will still be displayed in the list of favorites, even it has been added to the skip list.

Skipped Categories

Tap to display a list of categories. Tap a category to skip (hide) it. It will not be displayed in the list of categories.

  1. * Option/accessory.