Instrument panel

The instrument panel displays information related to the vehicle and driving.

The instrument panel contains gauges, indicators and monitoring and warning symbols. What is shown in the instrument panel varies depending on the equipment, settings and functions currently active.

The instrument panel is activated as soon as a door is opened, i.e. in ignition mode 0. The panel will power down after a short period of time if it is not used. To reactivate it, do one of the following:

  • Activate ignition mode I.
  • Open one of the doors.


If the instrument panel turns off, does not activate when the ignition is switched on, or part/all of the panel cannot be read, do not drive the vehicle. Consult a workshop immediately. Volvo recommends an authorized Volvo workshop.


If the instrument panel is not functioning properly, information about brakes, airbags or other safety-related systems may not be displayed. The driver will then not be able to check the status of the vehicle systems or receive relevant warnings and information.
P5-1646-x90-Driver display overview 12 inch
The illustration is generic - details may vary according to vehicle model.
Location in the instrument panel:
Left sideIn the centerRight side
SpeedometerIndicator and warning symbolsTachometer/ECO gauge1
Trip odometerAmbient temperature sensorGear indicator
Odometer2ClockDrive Mode
Cruise control/speed limiter informationMessage (also graphics in some cases)Fuel gauge
Road sign information*Door and seat belt statusStart/Stop function status
Media playerDistance to empty tank
Navigation system map*Current fuel consumption
PhoneApp menu (activated using steering wheel keypad)
Voice control

Dynamic symbol

P5-1717-All-Soul symbol driver display

Dynamic symbol in basic mode.

In the center of the instrument panel is a dynamic symbol that changes appearance according to the type of message displayed. The severity of the control or warning symbol is indicated by a red or amber-colored marking around the symbol.

P5-1646-xc90-Soul symbol in driver display 2
Example with indicator symbol.

An animation may be used to change the symbol into a graphic image to depict the location of a problem or to clarify information.

P5-1846-All-Soul to car
The symbol in the instrument panel changes shape.
  1. 1 Depends on selected drive mode.
  2. 2 Total distance.
  3. * Option/accessory.