Electronic Stability Control symbols and messages

A number of symbols and messages related to Electronic Stability Control (ESC1) may be displayed in the instrument panel. Several examples are provided below.
P5-1507- Electronic Stability Control symbol
Steady glow for approx. 2 secondsSystem check when the engine is started.
P5-1507- Electronic Stability Control symbol
Flashing lightThe system is actively operating.
P5-1507-Stability system, Electronic Stability Control, sport mode symbol
Steady glowSport mode is activated. NOTE! The system is not deactivated in this mode, but has partially reduced functionality.
P5-1507- Electronic Stability Control symbol


Temporarily off

The system's functionality has been temporarily reduced due to high brake system temperatures. The function will be automatically reactivated when the brakes have cooled.
P5-1507- Electronic Stability Control symbol


Service required

The system is not functioning properly. Stop the vehicle in a safe place, turn off the engine and then restart it.

A text message can be erased by briefly pressing the P5–1507–Symbol-OK button button in the center of the right-side steering wheel keypad.

If the message persists: Contact a workshop ‒ an authorized Volvo workshop is recommended.

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