Folding down the rear seat backrests

The rear seat backrest is split into two sections. The two sections can be folded forward individually.


  • Adjust the seat and ensure it locks into position before driving. Use caution when adjusting the seat. Uncontrolled or careless adjustments could lead to injury.
  • Long objects must always be securely tied down to help prevent injury or damage in the event of sudden braking.
  • Always turn off the engine and apply the parking brake when loading or unloading the vehicle.
  • Put the gear selector in P to help prevent the gear selector from being inadvertently moved.


When the backrest is folded down, make sure there are no objects in the rear seat, and the seat belts are not buckled. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the upholstery.


The armrest* in the center seat must be raised before the seat backrest is folded down.

The ski hatch* must be closed before the seat backrest is folded down.


The front seats may need to be pushed forward and/or the backrest adjusted so that the rear seat backrests can be fully lowered.

Folding down the backrests

The vehicle must be stationary and at least one of the rear doors must be open before a backrest can be folded down.

P6-1817-XC40-Folding rear seat manually from back seat

Make sure that the rear seat is unoccupied and that there are no objects on the seat.

P5-Icon red arrow 1

Push down the center seat's head restraint manually.

P5-Icon red arrow 2

Pull the handle in the vehicle's left or right rear seat backrest forward to fold down the left or right section of the rear seat.

The backrest lock will release and the backrest will automatically fold down to the horizontal position.

Folding up the backrest

To fold up the backrest to the upright position manually:
Move the backrest upward/rearward.
Press the backrest until it locks into position.
Fold up the head restraints manually.
Adjust the center head restraint if necessary.


When the backrest is restored to an upright position, the red indicator should no longer be visible. If it is still visible, the backrest is not locked in place.


Make sure that the rear seat backrest and head restraint are locked securely in place after the seat is folded up.

The head restraints at the outer seats must always be raised when there is a passenger in one of these spots of the rear seat.

  1. * Option/accessory.