Using TuneIn1

The Internet radio service TuneIn has several different functions. You can, for example, play local radio, add your preferred radio stations and create shortcuts to these. This article describes how you use these services and how you access them from your vehicle.

Starting TuneIn

Download the TuneIn app from Download Center in App view.
Open the TuneIn app in App view.
The vehicle connects to TuneIn. The first time you connect the music buffers, which can take a few seconds.

Accessing your TuneIn account information

Open the TuneIn app in App view.
Expand the view and click on Sign in.
A pop-up window appears and you can log in.
Enter your username and password, then press Sign in.
You can now access account information.

TuneIn categories

With TuneIn, it is easy to scroll through different categories.

Open the TuneIn app in App view.
Expand the view and click on Library.
A list of stations and categories appears.

TuneIn favourites

If you are logged in to TuneIn in the vehicle, your selected favorites will be synchronized with your account. Otherwise your selected favorites will only be accessible in the vehicle.

In expanded view: Click on the radio station you want to mark as favorite.
Mark the star icon to the right.
The station has now been added to your favorites.
  1. 1 Availability varies depending on market.