Steering assistance during collision risks from oncoming traffic

Steering assistance has several sub-functions. Steering assistance during collision risks from oncoming traffic can help a distracted driver who has not noticed that the vehicle is veering out of the lane.
P5-1717-City Safety, avoid collision with oncoming traffic
The function provides assistance by swerving your vehicle back into your own lane.
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Oncoming vehicles
  2. P5-Icon red circle 2Own vehicle

When steering assistance is activated, collision warning for driver support will also be activated. However, the brake pedal pulsations that are part of collision warning will not be activated.

The function is active at speeds between 60-140 km/h (37-87 mph) on roads with clearly visible traffic lane markings/lines.

If your vehicle is starting to veer from your own lane and a vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction, this function can help the driver steer the vehicle back into its own lane.

However, the function will not provide steering assistance if the turn signal is used. The function will also not be activated if it detects that the driver is actively operating the vehicle.