Using the wireless phone charger*

The rubber pad below the center display can be used to charge a phone without having to connect its cord.
P6-1846-XC40/H-Wireless Phone Charger
Wireless phone charger in front of gear selector
Remove all objects from the charging pad and place the phone in the center of the pad.
The phone will begin charging and the P6–1817–XC40-Symbol in status bar–Wireless charging symbol will appear at the top of the center display.


Some cellular phones may become warm during wireless charging. This is normal.

If the phone is not charging:

  • Make sure there are no other objects on the charging pad.
  • Make sure the phone supports wireless charging (Qi).
  • If the phone has a phone case, remove it.
  • Lift up the phone and then put it back on the center of the charging pad.
  • Make sure the ignition is on.

If the phone is incorrectly positioned or an object prevents charging on the charge pad, a message is shown on the center display.


Keep cellular phones and charger stations away from other objects while charging to help avoid overheating.
  1. * Option/accessory.