Parking brake malfunction

If you are unable to deactivate or activate the parking brake after several attempts, contact an authorized Volvo workshop.

A audible warning signal will sound if the parking brake is activated while the vehicle is being driven.

If the vehicle must be parked before the problem is rectified, turn the wheels as when parking on an incline and put the gear selector in P.

Low battery charge level

If the battery charge level is too low, it will not be possible to activate or deactivate the parking brake. Connect an auxiliary battery to the vehicle if the battery is discharged.

Replacing brake pads

Due to the design of the electric parking brake, the rear brake pads must be replaced by a workshop. An authorized Volvo workshop is recommended.

Symbols in the instrument panel

P5-1507 Symbol Park brake


P5-1507-XC90-USA-parking brake warning symbol


A flashing symbol indicates that a fault has been detected. See the message in the instrument panel.
P5-1507 Symbol Brake warning


P5-1507-XC90-USA- brake warning symbol


Fault in the brake system. See the message in the instrument panel.
P5-XC90H-1519-Parking brake symbol
Information message in the instrument panel.
  1. 1 Canadian models.
  2. 2 US models.