Active high beam

Active high beams is a function that uses camera sensors in the upper edge of the windshield to detect the headlights of approaching vehicles or the taillights of the vehicle directly ahead. When either of these is detected, the vehicle's headlights will automatically switch from high beams to low beams.
P5-1617 Stalk with turning ring in AHBC position
Active high beams is indicated by the P5-1507-Active high beam control symbol symbol.

This function can be used in dark conditions when the vehicle's speed is approx. 20 km/h (approx. 12 mph) or higher. The function can also detect street lighting. When the camera sensor no longer detects an approaching vehicle or a vehicle ahead, the headlights will return to high beams after a second or two.

Activating active high beams

Active high beams can be activated and deactivated by turning the lighting ring on the left-side steering wheel lever to position P5-1507-Active high beam control symbol. The lighting ring will then return to P5-1707 Symbol AUTO. When active high beams are activated, a white P5-1507-Active high beam control symbol symbol will be displayed in the instrument panel. When high beams are on, the symbol will be blue.

If active high beams are deactivated when the high beams are on, the headlights will automatically switch to low beams.

Limitations for active high beams

The camera sensor on which the function is based has limitations.

P5-1519 Symbol Active HeadBeamTempUnavailable

If this symbol and the message Active High BeamTemporarily unavailable is displayed in the instrument panel, switching between high and low beams must be done manually. The P5-1507-Active high beam control symbol symbol will go out when the message is displayed.

P5-1519 Symbol FactoryMode_104

The same applies if this symbol along with the message Windscreen sensorSensor blocked, see Owner's manual is displayed.

Active high beams may be temporarily unavailable in certain situations, e.g. heavy fog or rain. When active high beams become available again, or the windshield sensors are no longer blocked, the message will disappear and the P5-1507-Active high beam control symbol symbol will be displayed.


Automatic high beam is an aid in using the best possible light based on prevailing conditions.

The driver is always responsible for manually switching between high and low beam when traffic situations or weather conditions require this.