Opening and closing the hood

To open the hood, pull the lever in the passenger compartment and then turn the handle under the hood.

Opening the hood

P6-1746-XC40-Opening hood from inside
P5-Icon red arrow 1Pull the lever near the pedals to release the hood from its fully closed position.
P6-1746-XC40-Opening hood with outer handle
P5-Icon red arrow 2Move the handle under the front edge of the hood upwards to release the catch and lift the hood.

Warning - hood not closed

P5-1507 Symbol General red

When the hood is released, a warning symbol and graphic will be displayed in the instrument panel and an audible signal will sound. If the vehicle begins to roll, the audible signal will be repeated several times.


If the warning symbol is illuminated or an audible warning signal sounds even though the hood is securely closed, consult a workshop - an authorized Volvo workshop is recommended.

Closing the hood

Press down the hood until it begins to close under its own weight.
When the hood reaches the catch at the handle in the front edge of the vehicle, press down on the hood to close it completely.


Risk of injury! When closing, make sure that the hood is completely unobstructed and that no one can be injured.


Make sure the hood locks securely after closing. It must audibly lock on both sides.
P5-1617-S90/V90 Hood, slightly open
Hood not completely closed.
P5-1617-S90/V90 Hood, closed
Hood completely closed.


P5-1917-Open hood symbol

Never drive with the hood open!

If this symbol appears, or anything else indicates that the hood is not completely closed while driving, stop immediately and close it properly.