Recommended camera and radar sensor maintenance

In order for the camera and radar units to function properly, they must be kept free of dirt, ice, snow, etc. and should be washed regularly with water and car washing detergent.


Dirt, ice and snow covering the sensors could cause false warnings, reduced function, or no function.
P5-1507-Park Assist Pilot, location of parking sensors, Bird View
Location of the Park Assist sensors
P5-1507-CrossTrafficAlert Sensor
Location of rear radar sensors. Keep the marked area clean (on both the left and right sides of the vehicle).
  • For best possible performance, it is important to keep the areas in front of the sensors clean.
  • Do not attach any objects, tape or decals to the surface of the sensors.
  • Clean the camera lenses regularly using lukewarm water and car washing detergent. Wash gently to avoid scratching the lens.


Only a workshop may perform maintenance on driver support components – an authorized Volvo workshop is recommended.