Setting the temperature for the front seats1

The temperature can be set to the desired number of degrees2 for the front seat climate zones.
P5-1507–Climate–Buttons temperature
Temperature buttons in the climate row3, 2.
Tap the left- or right-side temperature buttons in the center display's climate bar to open the control.
P5-1507–Climate–Temperature regulation
Temperature control4, 2.

Set the temperature by doing one of the following:

  • dragging the control to the desired temperature, or
  • tapping +− to raise/lower the temperature.
The temperature will be set and the button will display the new temperature2.


Heating/cooling cannot be accelerated by choosing a higher/lower temperature than the desired temperature.
  1. 1 The same setting applies to the rear seats with the 2-zone climate system.
  2. 2 With manual climate control, the set degrees are not shown, simply a non-graduated scale.
  3. 3 With 1-zone climate, the temperature button is to the right of the center button.
  4. 4 With 1-zone climate, the control is horizontal instead of vertical.

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