The differences between Sensus Navigation and Internet maps

Volvo offers both the navigation system Sensus Navigation and the map service Internet maps1. Information on how these functions differ is provided below.

Differences in appearance

Since the systems resemble each other visually, it is not always easy to immediately identify which of the systems you have in your Volvo. How to check which system is installed in your vehicle:

Go to App view in the vehicle's center display.
The icon looks like this if the vehicle is equipped with Sensus Navigation:
P5-1846-Sensus Navigation symbol
The icon looks like this if the vehicle is equipped with Internet maps:
P5-1846-Internet Map symbol

Differences in performance

The biggest difference between Internet maps and Sensus Navigation is that Internet maps requires constant internet connection during use whilst Sensus Navigation uses hard disk based maps. The maps are downloaded or imported from USB and then saved locally in your vehicle. This means that with Sensus Navigation data traffic is not included during use, which is very practical, particularly when in foreign countries

Multiple functions with Sensus Navigation2

The following functions are included in Sensus Navigation but not in Internet maps:

  • Using voice recognition control for the system.
  • Travel guide, voice guidance of itinerary and route.
  • Extended itinerary. You can add multiple waypoints to your route.
  • Multiple route options. For example, you can choose which suggested route is to be given priority (a faster route, a traffic-based route, a more eco-friendly route and similar).
  • Advanced route calculation with reference to present traffic information.
  • Internet search. For example, you can search for more information about an intermediate destination via the Internet.
  • You get access to the Send to Car service, which enables you to send map destinations to your Volvo from other devices. You also get access to other navigation-related services, such as Google Local Search and Weather2.

Upgrading the navigation system

If your Volvo is not equipped with Sensus Navigation, you can upgrade your navigation system in order to gain access to additional functions and improved performance. To upgrade the navigation system, contact your Volvo retailer. Internet maps are replaced completely when upgrading to Sensus Navigation.

  1. 1 Availability may vary depending on market.
  2. 2 The range of available services and applications varies depending on market.

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