Removing the folding cargo compartment floor*

The folding cargo compartment floor can be removed for easier access to e.g. the SIM card holder or the storage space underneath the cargo compartment floor.
P6-1746-XC40-Folded load floor in a pile

Push the folding cargo compartment floor forward so that it folds together.

P6-1817-XC40-Foldable loadfloor removal step 1

P5-Icon red arrow 1 Press the locking clip at the location shown by the arrow until it stops. Maintain pressure on the locking clip.

P5-Icon red arrow 2 At the same time, lift the cargo compartment floor slightly upward.

Release pressure on the locking clip, but keep holding the cargo compartment floor up.
P6-1817-XC40-Foldable loadfloor removal step 2

While continuing to hold the cargo compartment floor up, press the locking clip on the other side, as shown by the arrow.

If the procedures in step 2 have been performed correctly, the cargo compartment floor should now be released from its side attachment points.

P6-1817-XC40-Foldable loadfloor released step 3

The cargo compartment floor can be carefully placed back on top of the locking clips without it locking into place.


The cargo compartment floor is also secured in the front hinge.

Volvo recommends that the cargo compartment floor remains secured in its front hinge.

Press the cargo compartment floor downward to lock it into its attachment points again.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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