Setting the blower speed for the front seats1

The blower can be set to several different automatically controlled2 speeds for the front seat.

Tap the symbol in the center of the climate bar to open Climate view in the center display.

P5-1507–Climate–Buttons fan
Blower control buttons in Climate view.
Tap the desired blower speed: Off, 1-5 or Max.
The blower speed will be changed and the buttons for the set speed will light up.


The air conditioning will not engage if the blower is turned off completely, which may cause fogging on the inside of the windows.


The climate system automatically adapts airflow as needed within the set blower speed, which means that airflow speed may vary slightly within the same blower speed.2
  1. 1 The same setting applies to the rear seats with the 2-zone climate system.
  2. 2 Only with electronic climate control.

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