Infant seats

Suitable child restraints should always be used when children (depending on their age/size) are seated in the vehicle.

Securing an infant seat with a seat belt

P5-1617-S90/V90–Safety–Child seat and airbag
Do not place the infant seat in the front passenger's seat
Place the infant seat in the rear seat of the vehicle.
Attach the seat belt to the infant seat according to the child restraint manufacturer's instructions.
P5-1507-USA-infant seat 2
Route the seat belt through the infant seat.


  • An infant seat must be in the rear-facing position only.
  • The infant seat should not be positioned behind the driver's seat unless there is adequate space for safe installation.


A child seat should never be used in the front passenger seat of any vehicle with a front passenger airbag - not even if the "Passenger airbag off" symbol near the rear-view mirror is illuminated. If the severity of an accident were to cause the airbag to inflate, this could lead to serious injury or death to a child seated in this position.
P5-1507-USA-infant seat 3
Fasten the seat belt.

Fasten the seat belt by inserting the latch plate into the buckle (lock) until a distinct click is audible.

P5-1507-USA-infant seat 4
Pull out the shoulder section of the seat belt.
Pull the shoulder section of the seat belt out as far as possible to activate the belt's automatic locking function.


The locking retractor will automatically release when the seat belt is unbuckled and allowed to retract fully.

Press the infant seat firmly in place, let the seat belt retract and pull it taut. A sound from the seat belt retractor's automatic locking function will be audible at this time and is normal. The seat belt should now be locked in place.

P5-1507-USA-infant seat 5
Check that the infant seat is properly secured.
Press and pull the infant seat along the direction of the seat belt to check that it is properly held in place by the seat belt.


It should not be possible to move the child restraint more than 2.5 cm (1 in.) in any direction along the seat belt path.
P5/P6-1917-Safety–Child seat distance to seat in front
When installing infant seats in the rear seat, Volvo recommends maintaining a distance of at least 50 mm (2 inches) from the front-most part of the infant seat to the rearmost part of the seat in front.

The infant seat can be removed by unbuckling the seat belt and letting it retract completely.