Handling the spare wheel1

Follow these instructions regarding handling the spare wheel.
P6-1746-XC40-Spare tyre

The spare tire is located in the spare wheel well under the cargo compartment with the outside of the wheel facing downward. The foam block contains all tools needed to change a wheel.

Lift the rear edge of the cargo compartment floor.
Lift out the foam block containing the tools.
Unscrew the retaining bolt.
Lift out the spare wheel.

Stowing a flat tire

Screw the spare tire's retaining bolt back on.


Do not attempt to unscrew the lower part of the retaining bolt if it is attached to the body, as this could cause it to break.

If the retaining bolt becomes dislodged from its lower attachment point in the body under the spare tire, replace it in the hole and turn clockwise to secure it again.

Put the tools back in their correct positions in the foam block.
Then lower the trunk/cargo compartment floor and place the punctured tire in the trunk/cargo compartment.
  1. 1 Not available on all models.