Checking and filling engine oil

The engine oil level is monitored by an electronic oil level sensor.

Viewing oil level in the center display

P5-1917-Graphic for oil level in center display
Example of the oil level graphic in the center display

The oil level can be viewed using the electronic oil level gauge in the center display once the vehicle has been started. The oil level should be checked regularly.

Open the Car Status app from App view in the center display.
Tap Status to display the oil level.


The system cannot directly detect changes when the oil is filled or drained. The vehicle must have been driven approximately 30 km (20 miles) and have been stationary 5 minutes on a level surface and with the engine off before the correct oil level will be displayed.


If the conditions for measuring oil level are not properly fulfilled (time after engine shutdown, vehicle inclination, ambient temperature, etc.) the message No value available will be shown in the center display. This does not mean that anything is wrong in the vehicle systems.


P5-1519 Symbol Oil Level Service Required

If this symbol is shown, the oil pressure may be too low. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible and have it towed to a workshop – an authorized Volvo workshop is recommended.

Filling engine oil

P6-1746-XC40-Refill engine oil
Filler pipe1,2

It may be necessary to top up engine oil between regularly scheduled services. No action is necessary with regard to engine oil level until a message appears in the instrument panel.


If the message Engine oil level Service required is displayed, drive to a workshop – an authorized Volvo workshop is recommended. The oil level may be too high.


Do not spill oil on the hot exhaust pipes as this could cause a fire.


If the messageEngine oil level low Refill 1 liter is displayed, fill only with the specified volume, e.g. 1 liter (1 quart).
  1. 1 Engines with an electronic oil level sensor do not have a dipstick.
  2. 2 The layout of the engine compartment may vary depending on model and engine variant.