Auto-hold brakes

With the Auto-hold brake function, the driver can release the brake pedal and the brakes will remain applied, for example, when the vehicle has stopped at a traffic light or intersection.

When the vehicle stops, the brakes are activated automatically. The function can use either the normal brakes or the parking brakes to keep the vehicle stationary and works on flat surfaces or hills. If the driver has their seat belt fastened and/or if the driver's door is closed, the brakes will disengage automatically when the vehicle starts driving.


When braking to a stop on an uphill or downhill gradient, depress the brake pedal with slightly more force than usual before releasing to ensure that the vehicle cannot move at all.
The parking brake is activated if
  • the vehicle is switched off.
  • the driver's door is opened
  • the driver's seat belt is removed
  • the vehicle has been stationary for a prolonged period of time (5-10 minutes)

Auto hold can also switch over to the parking brake in other situations.

Symbols in the instrument panel

P5-1507 Symbol Auto hold
This symbol illuminates when the function is using the normal brakes to keep the vehicle stationary.
P5-1507 Symbol Park brake


P5-1507-XC90-USA-parking brake warning symbol


This symbol illuminates when the function is using the parking brake to keep the vehicle stationary.
  1. 1 Canadian models.
  2. 2 US models.