Remote start of heater with the Volvo On Call app

If your vehicle is equipped with a parking heater*, you can use the Volvo On Call app to remotely start the heater so that your vehicle is warm when needed.1

During remote start of the heater, the vehicle's parking heater is used to warm up the vehicle. You can choose to enter the time you want to leave so that the heater starts automatically depending on the ambient temperature surrounding the vehicle, or you can choose to start the heater immediately. If the heater is not allowed to start (for example, due to low fuel level), this will be shown in the Volvo On Call app.

Conditions for remote start of the heater

The heater only starts under the following conditions:

  • The outdoor temperature surrounding the vehicle is less than 15°C (59°F).
  • The vehicle has enough fuel.
  • The vehicle has enough battery charge.
  • The vehicle has cell coverage (i.e. it can receive the heater's start command).

Instant start and stop of heater

Go to the home tab.
Select Parking heater.
From here, you can select to start and stop the heater.

At instant start, the heater runs for 50 minutes or until it is shut-off.

Programming the heater

You can preprogram the heater to start at up to eight different set times:

Go to the home tab.
Select Parking heater.
Set the Timer for the times you want the vehicle to be heated.
The vehicle will calculate when the heater needs to turn on based on the ambient temperature so that the vehicle is warm at the selected time.

With instant start/instant stop of heater, you can stop the current pre-programmed start.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Certain markets only.