Updating maps with a computer and USB flash drive

New maps can be downloaded from the Internet to a USB flash drive and then transferred from the flash drive to the vehicle's navigation system*.


P5-1507-Navigation, MapCare Princip USB
Computer/USB flash drive update

USB flash drive

For use in updates, the USB flash drive must meet the following requirements:

USB standard:At least 2.0
File system:FAT32, exFAT or NFTS

Up to 128 GB

This varies from market to market. Detailed information is provided in the map for each market under support information at www.volvocars.com.

Determining the current map version

P5-1617-Icon-App screen-Over the air
Tap Download Center in App view.
Tap Maps
Available map regions are displayed.
P5-1717-Navigation, down arrow symbol
Tap the arrow to expand the selected region.
Detailed map information will be displayed.
Make a note of the map information shown under the map image.

Downloading map data from the Internet to a USB flash drive

Make sure you have a USB flash drive and the map information you noted down.
Go to the Volvo Cars support page (support.volvocars.com) on a computer connected to the Internet and then select to download maps under Downloads.
Choose the type of map you want to update.
Tap the region to be updated.
A map containing information about the latest map data for the region will appear.
Verify that the map version is newer than the version in the vehicle.
Select the download link for either Windows or Mac, depending on which system you have.
Select "Run" to install the download program.
Click "New download" to download the map to a USB memory stick or to the computer's hard drive.
You can verify that the download/copying to the USB memory has worked correctly before you install the map in the vehicle by repeating steps 1-2 and then pressing "Check downloads" in the download program.

The time required for the download varies depending on the size of the map and the speed of the Internet connection. It is possible to verify that the data has been correctly downloaded to the USB flash drive before installing the map in the vehicle by selecting to check the download status in the downloading program.

It is not advisable to download using a mobile connection from a mobile device, or from a device using a subscription that may have a monthly limit on the amount of data that can be used.

Transferring map data from the USB flash drive to the vehicle

The time required to transfer data from the USB flash drive to the vehicle varies depending on the size of the map data file. The update can be done while driving. The navigation system can be used while updating a map region, but it cannot be used during the update of an entire map market, e.g. the EU. If the transfer has not been completed when the ignition is switched off, the update will continue the next time the vehicle is driven. It is not necessary to be driving during the update, but the ignition must be on. If the vehicle is not driven during the update, battery assistance is recommended.


Activate the navigation system.
Connect the USB flash drive to the vehicle's USB port. If there are two USB ports, the other port cannot be used at the same time.
The navigation system automatically detects that an update is available and, during the update of the whole map database, shows on the screen what percentage of the process is complete.

When individual regions are updated, the update will start immediately.

To start an update of the entire map database, tap Confirm. Tap Cancel to stop the installation.

Tap Confirm. The update of the entire map database will begin and progress information will be shown on the center display.
The center display will indicate when the update is finished. Remove the USB flash drive from the port.
Restart the infotainment system.
Verify that the correct map data has been transferred to the vehicle by repeating the steps described above under "Determining the current map version".


In order for the installation to start, the following criteria must be met:

  • Selected region is included on the system map. For example, only the region Scandinavia can be downloaded if the system already has a Europe map. If a completely new map is downloaded, the previous map will be overwritten.
  • The version for the selected region is higher than that in the vehicle.
  • Selected region is compatible with the car's software. If the update is not compatible then new software will need to be downloaded.
  • Selected region is compatible with existing map. If the region is not compatible, the map must be replaced.


If an update is interrupted, an explanatory text will always appear in the center display.

What happens if...Answer
The infotainment system is turned off while an update is in progress?The process will pause and will continue automatically when the system is reactivated, e.g. when the engine is started.
The USB flash drive is removed from the USB port before the update is finished?The process will pause and will continue automatically when the USB flash drive is reconnected to the USB port.

For further details, search for support information on www.volvocars.com or contact a Volvo retailer.

  1. * Option/accessory.