Personal information and Volvo On Call

Personal information is gathered for use with the Volvo On Call service.

Volvo Car Corporation is responsible for processing and storing Volvo On Call-related information. This information is treated according to legislation and regulations pertaining to data of this type.

Why information is gathered

Personal information is used by Volvo Cars and its partners to provide and develop the Volvo On Call service.

What types of personal data are processed?

The primary types of personal information gathered for Volvo On Call-related purposes are:

  • Personal information that the customer provides in connection with the activation of the Volvo On Call service and during other contact with Volvo Cars, including name, address, telephone number, type of service and the duration of the service.
  • When a specific Volvo On Call-related event occurs, information is automatically transmitted from the vehicle. A message of this type contains: the vehicle identification number (VIN), time when the service is used, type of service, if airbags have been triggered, if the seat belt tensioners have been triggered, current fuel level, current temperature inside and outside the vehicle, whether the doors are locked and windows are closed and the vehicle's last six locations, including speed and direction.
  • Other information associated with the owner/driver, such as telephone calls with people in the vehicle, the customer service center that provided the service and notes made by the customer service operator.

Access to my personal information

Volvo uses sub-contractors to provide the service. These sub-contractors work on behalf of Volvo Cars and may only process personal information to the extent necessary to provide service. All sub-contractors are bound by agreements requiring them to observe strict confidentiality and to treat personal details in accordance with applicable legislation.

Deleting personal information

The personal details required to provide the Volvo On Call service are stored during the subscription period and thereafter for as long as necessary in order for Volvo Cars to fulfill its obligations according to legislation and other regulations. Information generated during events covered by the Volvo On Call service is deleted 100 days after an event has occurred.

Corrections and register extracts

Private persons have the right to request corrections of incorrect information and to obtain an extract showing the personal information that has been processed. Requests for extracts from the register must be submitted in writing and signed by the applicant and include name, address and customer number. The request should be posted to:

Volvo Car USA, LLC

Customer Care Center

1 Volvo Drive,

P.O. Box 914

Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647

Phone: 1-800-458-1552

Volvo Car Canada Ltd.

Customer Care Centre

9130 Leslie Street, Suite 101

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 0B9

Phone: 1-800-663-8255

Consent to gather personal information

By activating a Volvo On Call subscription in accordance with the instructions in this document, the user agrees to the collection of Volvo On Call-related personal information.