Park Assist Camera trajectory lines*

The Park Assist Cameras (PAC1) use trajectory lines and fields on the screen to indicate the vehicle's position in relation to its immediate surroundings.
P5+6-1746 - Park Assist Camera, lines for parking camera
Example of trajectory lines

The trajectory lines show the anticipated trajectory for the vehicle's outermost dimensions based on the current position of the steering wheel and can help simplify parallel parking, backing into tight spaces or attaching a trailer.

The lines on the screen are projected as if they were painted lines on the ground behind the vehicle and are directly affected by the way in which the steering wheel is turned. This makes it possible for the driver to see path the vehicle will take, even if he/she turns the steering wheel.

These lines also indicate the outermost limits that any object (towbar, rearview mirrors, corners of the body, etc.) extends out from the vehicle.


  • When reversing with a trailer that is not electrically connected to the vehicle, the screen guide lines show the path the vehicle will take – not the trailer.
  • The screen does not show guide lines when a trailer is electrically connected to the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Guide lines are not shown when zooming in.


  • Bear in mind that when the rearward camera view is selected, the screen only shows the area behind the vehicle – pay attention to the sides and front of the vehicle when steering while reversing.
  • The same applies to the reverse – pay attention to what is happening with the rear parts of the vehicle when the front camera view is selected.
  • Note that the guide lines show the shortest path – pay extra attention to ensure that the vehicle sides do not come in contact with/travel over anything when steering while driving forward or that the vehicle front moves toward/over anything when steering while reversing.

Trajectory lines in 360° view*

P5-1519-PAC 360 Hjälplinjer
360° view with trajectory lines
In the 360° view, trajectory lines are shown behind, in front of, or to the sides of the vehicle, depending on the direction of travel.
  • When driving forward: Front lines
  • When backing up: Side lines and rear lines

When the front or rear camera is selected, the trajectory lines will be shown regardless of the vehicle's direction of travel.

With a side camera selected, the trajectory lines will only be shown if the vehicle is backing up.

Trajectory lines for a towbar*

P5+6-1746 - Park Assist Camera, towbar assist line
Towbar with trajectory line
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1Towbar - activate trajectory lines for towbar.
  2. P5-Icon red circle 2Zoom - zoom in/out.
The camera can help make hitching a trailer easier by showing an anticipated trajectory line for the towbar's path toward the trailer.
Tap Towbar (1).

The trajectory line for the towbar's anticipated path toward the vehicle will appear and the vehicle's trajectory lines will disappear.

Trajectory lines cannot be displayed for both the vehicle and the towbar at the same time.

Tap Zoom (2) for a close-up view for more precise maneuvering.
The camera will zoom in.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Park Assist Camera