You can use the Yelp1 app to find local companies (e.g. restaurants or shops) and can read other users' ratings and reviews of companies near you. Yelp can only be used if the vehicle is equipped with both Sensus Connect and Sensus Navigation.

The Yelp app

You can use Yelp to search for e.g. restaurants, shops, spas and local services. You can read reviews on companies that you are interested in and would like to know more about.

Note that the reviews appear depending on the language they are written in.

Using Yelp

Yelp is a free service which does not require an account to be registered.

Note that data usage charges may be incurred depending on subscription. Contact your internet provider for more information about what applies to your subscription.

Use the steering wheel knob for safer use of the app while you drive.

Search for companies nearby

To search for a company near your destination, the destination must be set in your navigation system.

In order to get the best possible results, try to use specific terms, where the free-text search matches the company name and the text in the reviews.

Tips when using Yelp

If it is not possible to start navigation to a selected company, this is probably because Yelp does not have information about the company's precise position. The same is true if it is not possible to display the location on the map.

If you experience problems with Yelp, check that you have a working internet connection with good signal strength.

  1. 1 Availability varies depending on market.