Map settings

The following settings determine how the map is displayed in the navigation system*.
Settings can be personalized in the following areas:
  • Position Format
  • Map Display Format
  • Show Speed Cameras
  • Show Favorites
  • Point of Interest (POI)

Position Format

Select Position Format to designate/display the current location on the map using its address or its coordinates:
  • Address
  • Coordinates and Altitude

Map Display Format

Select Map Display Format to choose background lighting for the map:
  • Day - bright colors.
  • Night - dark colors for better night vision.
  • Auto - the system will switch between Day and Night depending on the ambient light in the passenger compartment.

Speed cameras1

Select Show Speed Cameras to display speed cameras on the map.


To display Favorites on the map, select.

Point of Interest (POI2)

Select POIs to be displayed on the map under Point of Interest (POI). Tap on the desired category, e.g. "Transportation", and then select show all or specific sub categories. Tap Back or Close to exit the menu.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 This function is not available on all markets.
  3. 2 Point of Interest