Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) with Volvo On Call

If you suspect the vehicle has been stolen, you can contact the Volvo On Call customer service center using the Volvo On Call app for assistance locating the vehicle.

If the vehicle has been stolen or otherwise used without permission, the vehicle's owner, police and Volvo On Call service center can agree to track the vehicle.


This applies even if the vehicle has been opened and stolen using the associated remote key.
The following needs to be done:
Contact Volvo On Call service center and say that you need help tracking the vehicle. Tracking begins.
File a police report.
Contact the Volvo On Call service center again and give them the police case number.
Volvo On Call service center notifies the police of the vehicle's location.


For the vehicle to be tracked, a police report must be made. Volvo On Call only gives information to the police.