Activating and deactivating Auto-hold at a standstill

The Auto-hold brake function at a standstill is activated with the button in the tunnel console.
P6-1917-Auto hold button
Press the button in the tunnel console to activate or deactivate the function.
The indicator light in the button will illuminate when the function is activated. The function will remain active the next time the vehicle is started.

When shutting off

P5-1507 Symbol Auto hold

If the function is active and holding the vehicle stationary using the normal brakes (A symbol lit in the instrument panel), the brake pedal must be depressed while pressing the button in order to deactivate Auto-hold.

  • The function will remain off until it is reactivated.
  • When Auto-hold is switched off, Hill Start Assist (HSA) will remain active to help prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting up a hill.

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