Activating and deactivating enhanced traffic information

When the vehicle is connected to the Internet, the driver can access enhanced traffic information1 (RTTI2) in the navigation system*.
To activate or deactivate RTTI:
Tap Settings in the center display's Top view.
Tap NavigationTraffic.
Select Real Time Traffic Information to activate (replace regular traffic information with RTTI) or deactivate RTTI.
One pop-up window with the heading Terms and conditions and one with the heading Data sharing will appear if RTTI is being used for the first time.

If the vehicle's Internet connection is lost when RTTI is activated, regular traffic information will be automatically activated. RTTI will be reactivated when the vehicle is once again connected to the Internet.

Deactivating green lines

To stop display of the green lines indicating that there are no traffic disturbances:

Tap Settings in the Top view.
Tap NavigationTraffic and uncheck Show Free Flowing Traffic.
  1. 1 Certain markets only.
  2. 2 Real Time Traffic Information
  3. * Option/accessory.