Activating or deactivating steering assistance during collision risks

The steering assistance function is optional – the driver can choose to have it activated or deactivated.
P5-1917-Steering assist button

Activate or deactivate the function using this button in the center display's Function view.

  • GREEN button indicator light – the function is activated.
  • GRAY button indicator light – the function is deactivated.

The function is automatically activated each time the engine is started1.


When the Collision avoidance function is deactivated, all subfunctions of the following are deactivated:
  • Steering assistance at risk of run-off
  • Steering assistance at risk of head-on collision
  • Steering assistance during collision risks from behind*

Although it is possible to deactivate the function, the driver is advised to keep it activated since it can help improve driving safety in most cases.

  1. 1 On some markets, the setting that was active when the engine was switched off is reactivated.
  2. * Option/accessory.