Searching for a radio station

The radio automatically compiles a list of the radio stations that are sending out the strongest signals in the vehicle's current location.
P5-1717-Radio library search

Searching is performed in different ways depending on the waveband selected:

  • AM - stations and frequency.
  • FM, stations, genres and frequency.
Tap Library.
Tap P5–1507–Symbol-Magnifying glas.
Search view will displayed and the keyboard will open.
Enter a search word/phrase.
The search will start and change as characters are entered. Search results will be displayed by category.

Searching for a station manually

P5-1717-Radio manual tuning

Searching manually makes it possible to find and tune to stations that are not on the automatically compiled list of the strongest stations in the area.

Tap Manual tuning, drag the control or tap P5-1717-Rewind symbol or P5-1717-Fast forward symbol. Press and hold to skip to the next available station in the frequency band. You can also use the right-side steering wheel keypad.