Automatic car washes

It is important to prepare the vehicle before washing it in an automatic car wash. Carefully follow the instructions for vehicle handling before and during the car wash.

Automatic car washes can be a fast and easy way to clean the vehicle, but they do not reach all the parts of the vehicle that need regular cleaning. Volvo recommends supplementing automatic car washing with hand-washing.


Avoid washing a brand new vehicle in automatic car washes for the first few months after it leaves the factory. This will allow the paintwork to fully set.

Preparations before washing

In automatic car washes in which the vehicle is pulled through the car wash, it is important to switch off functions that prevent the vehicle from rolling freely.

  • Secure or remove protruding exterior parts such as retrofitted auxiliary lights, antennas, etc.
  • Make sure that the automatic rain sensor function is switched off. The windshield wipers must be switched off throughout the car wash to avoid the risk of damage.
  • While the vehicle is stationary, use the P5/P6-1917-All-Auto hold button button in the tunnel console to turn off the Auto-hold brake function.
  • Switch off the function for automatically activating the parking brake via settings in the center display.

During the car wash


Keep the vehicle's windows, doors and tailgate closed throughout the car wash.

If the vehicle is equipped with keyless locking and unlocking*:

Take out the key and place it in the open in the front section of the vehicle during the car wash. This minimizes the risk of unintentionally pressing the button that opens the tailgate, or of the key being incorrectly detected outside of the vehicle.

Drive into the car wash and stop at the designated place.
Put the gear selector in N.
Put the vehicle in ignition mode 0 by pressing the start button and holding it in for a few seconds.
The motor is switched off, while the vehicle can roll freely.

The vehicle goes through the automatic car wash.

Keep your seat belt fastened throughout the car wash.

Don't forget to reset the adjustments made before the car wash.

After the car wash

Depress the brake pedal lightly for a short time while driving after the brake pads have been exposed to moisture. The friction will heat up the brakes so that they will dry more quickly, reducing the risk of corrosion.


Always test the foot brake and parking brake after washing the vehicle to ensure they are functioning properly.
  1. * Option/accessory.