Extend Volvo On Call subscription

You can choose between different time periods1 when you extend or reactivate your Volvo On Call subscription.

The extension can be purchased1

  • in the Volvo On Call app
  • via an authorized Volvo retailer
  • online at store.volvocars.com. Make sure you have access to your vehicle's identification number2.

Extending your subscription using the Volvo On Call app

Go to the Vehicle tab.
Select Vehicle information.
Press Renew under Volvo On Call subscription.
You will be forwarded to a page where you can renew the subscription.


If you would like to purchase an extension after your subscription has expired, you must do this through your retailer since Volvo On Call must be reactivated by the retailer before you can continue using the services. This may incur additional costs. In order to use the services without interruption it is therefore advantageous to extend the subscription before it expires. The subscription is extended from and including its expiry date.
  1. 1 The available alternatives can vary between different markets.
  2. 2 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)