Suggest new map information with Map Creator

If your Volvo is equipped with Sensus Navigation, maps from the Here map supplier are shown. If you find that any information is missing from a map, or want to suggest changes, you can do this at Here's Map Creator service. Such information can include new addresses or rerouted roads.

On Here's Map Creator service, you can create an account to log in and suggest map changes. Instructions for how to do this are also found there.

The changes you suggest are sent to Here for review. Once the information has been verified and approved, the information you suggested is added to their maps. The changes will be available in your Volvo after your suggestion has been approved by Here and implemented in a map update that you then install in your navigation system.

Suggestions for changes that are reported are reviewed and checked thoroughly before Here approves them and adds them to their maps. It can take up to twelve months before the changes reach the maps in your vehicle.


Volvo does not have the opportunity to verify, approve or implement the requests for map changes you send to Here.