Date and time

The clock is displayed in both the instrument panel and the center display.

Location of clock

P6-XC40-1746-Clock 12 inch driver display

Certain messages and other information may obscure the clock in the instrument panel.

In the center display, the clock is located on the upper right-hand side in the status bar.

Settings for date and time

Select SettingsSystemDate and Time in the center display's Top view to change settings for time and date format.

Adjust the date and time by tapping the up or down arrows on the touchscreen.

Automatic time for vehicles with GPS

When the vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, Auto Time is also available. The time zone will then be automatically set to the vehicle's location. In some navigation systems, the current location must also be set to determine the correct time zone. If Auto Time is not selected, the time and date can be adjusted using the up and down arrows on the touchscreen.

Daylight savings time

In some countries, the Auto Daylight Saving Time setting can be selected to automatically change to daylight savings time. For other countries, the Daylight Saving Time setting can be selected manually.

If the battery has been disconnected

If the clock was reset after the vehicle's battery was disconnected, e.g. after a visit to a service workshop, you many need to reset the clock. If the clock is not set, it can affect the vehicle's Internet connection.